JSM Research Award

2020 Winners

Mariko Ishibashi, Nippon Medical School ・Department of Microbiology and Immunology

"Elucidation of immune abnormalities and examination of immunotherapy through Siglec 15, a novel immune checkpoint in myeloma2"

Sho Ikeda, Akita University・Department of Hematology, Nephrology, and Rheumatology

"Functional analysis of hypoxia-induced long noncoding RNA in multiple myeloma and examination of its involvement in the microenvironment"

2019 Winners

Hiroto Oguchi, Kumamoto University・Institute of Resource Development and Analysis・Division of Epigenetics

"Examination of the potential therapeutic target of histone demethylase in multiple myeloma"

Yuji Shimura, Kyoto prefectural University of Medicine, Graduate School of Medical Science ・Division of Hematology and Oncology, Department of Medicine

"Study on the molecular mechanism of bone marrow-derived inhibitory cell (MDSC) induction in multiple myeloma and its therapeutic application"

2018 Winners

Rikio Suzuki, Tokai University・Department of Hematology and Oncology

"Approach to a possibility of RAS-RAF-MEK-ERK signaling inhibition in multiple myeloma from an immune antitumor response viewpoint"

Akinobu Ota, Aichi Medical University・Department of Biochemistry

"The effect of PDZ binding kinase on survival of myeloma cells and a possibility of PDZ binding kinase as a therapeutic molecular target."

2017 Winners

Shokichi Tsukamoto, Chiba university hospital

"Exploring the molecular mechanisms of AL amyloidosis based on gene expression profiling of plasma cells and immunoglobulin repertoire analysis"

Shingen Nakamura, Tokushima University Graduate School.

"Molecular mechanisms of activated osteoblast-induced myeloma death through mitochondrial impairment and metabolic perturbation."

2016 Winners

Shin-ichi Fuchida, JCHO Kyoto Kuramaguchi Medical Center.

"Plasma concentration of lenalidomide is useful to predict its severity of toxicity and therapeutic efficacy in Japanese multiple myeloma patients."

Yawara Kawano, Kumamoto University Hospital.

"AMPD1 as a novel target for the diagnosis and treatment of multiple myeloma."

2015 Winners

Maiko Matsushita, Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy.

"Development of combined immunotherapy for multiple myeloma using novel antigen derived from homeobox protein."

Emiko Sakaida, Chiba University Hospital.

"Comprehensive analysis of genetic landscape of clonal plasma cells and bone marrow microenvironment in POEMS syndrome."