Instraction for Posters

Mounting April 4th
Viewing April 4th
(Including Welcome Reception Period)
April 5th
April 6th
Removal April 7th

There is no specific period of time set up for poster presentation and discussion during this workshop.

If you would like to contact with authers, please use an Appointment Request Card which is available at each poster panel.

For Poster Presenters

1.   Your assigned board will be indicated with your poster program number in the rooms follows.
  Section A:   Basic Biology (P-1 to P-60): Room E
  Section B:   Bone Disease (including Imaging) (P-61 to P-92): SAKURA
  Section C:   Clinical Studies (including Transplantation) (P-93 to P-256): SAKURA
  Section D:   Preclinical Studies and New Drugs (P-257 to P-319): Room E
  Section E:   Epidemiology, Prognostic Factors, Quality of Life, Disease Complication and Treatment Toxicities (P-320 to P-438): Room D
  Section F:   Other Plasma Cell Dyscrasias (P-439 to P-469): Room D
2.   Poster should be posted from April 4th to April 7th.
3.   Please prepare presentation materials (posters) in English.
4.   The final poster should be the COI disclosure in your presentation.
5.   Speakers are requested to visit Poster Reception Desk before mounting.
Poster Reception Desk
Poster Session in Sakura: In front of Sakura
Poster Session in Room D: In front of Room D
Poster Session in Room E: In front of Room E
6.   Pins for placing the poster are attached on the panel.
7.   Presenters are requested to mount their posters on the assigned board.
Poster panels are 180cm high x 120cm wide. Please refer to the diagram, and use large-sized characters for easy reading.
20cm high x 100cm wide of the upper part of the panel will be used for labeling your Poster Title, Affiliation, and the author's names, which should be prepared by presenters.
8.   Any posters remaining on the panels after the removal time will be discarded by the secretariat.
-   Posters should be brought personally to the congress and not mailed. The Organizing Committee is unable to take any responsibilities for any loss or mishandling.
-   Presenters are responsible for posting and removing their own materials.
-   Audio-Visual equipments may not be used.